Ultimate Catalyst Guide

What are some issues that I will run into?

released Fri, 05 Jul 2019
Swift Version 5.1

A brief list of notable differences

  • The bundle identifier for the macOS version of your app is different. If you use bundle identifiers for something specific, be aware of this
  • KeyChain sharing differs briefly, as outlined by Apple here (search for "macOS" on that page)
  • Custom multitouch behaviour can't be automated. Views have to be updated for that
  • Your app will not be killed if it consumes too much memory. The system will just swap

With Catalyst, you should use the newever versions of these old, deprecated, frameworks:

  • AddressBook -> Contacts
  • AddressBookUI -> ContactsUI
  • AssetsLibrary -> Photos
  • OpenGL ES -> Metal
  • GLKit -> MetalKit
  • UIWebView -> WKWebView