Tuples in Swift, Advanced Usage and Best Practices

Variable Arguments

Variable Arguments

Varargs i.e. variable function arguments are a very useful technique for situations where the number of function parameters is unknown.

// classic example
func sum(of numbers: Int...) -> Int {
    // add up all numbers with the + operator
    return numbers.reduce(0, +)

let theSum = sum(of: 1, 2, 5, 7, 9) // 24

A tuple can be useful here if your requirement goes beyond simple integers. Take this function, which does a batch update of n entities in a database:

func batchUpdate(updates: (String, Int)...) {
    for (key, value) in updates {
        self.db.set(key, value)

batchUpdate(updates: ("tk1", 5), 
       ("tk7", 9), 
       ("tk21", 44), 
       ("tk88", 12))

This pattern allows us to model the insertions in a very simple manner without having to introduce additional struct types.